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Optimising Facebook Ads

Do you want to reach more of your target audience?

Facebook Ads are a great way to do this by making use of their advanced targeting tools in Ads Manager. You need to be optimising your Facebook Ads correctly to get the highest ROI for your business! Don’t know how to do this? Here are six ways to maximise your Facebook Ads to ensure you are reaching more of your target audience.

High-Quality Images

If your product looks good, customers are more likely to purchase it. Facebook Ads allow you to use a carousel of images, which is is a great way to advertise multiple products in one Ad or different variations. Ensure you are choosing the best pictures of your product when creating your Ad.

Ad Placement

The placement of your Ad will affect the budget of your campaign as story placements are cheaper than feed posts. You need to test what Ad placements are the most valuable for your business. Avoid using the same images when placing your Ad’s in different places as the ratios change for each which can reduce the quality of your Ad.

Landing Page

Make sure that the link on your Ad takes your customer to the relevant page otherwise you will lose the sale. The landing page needs to be mobile friendly to ensure the best customer experience, making them more likely to return to your website in the future.

Target Audience

Facebook Ads allow you to filter the behaviours, interests and characteristics to best reach those interested in what you are promoting. Make sure you are doing this well to create a defined audience of people interested in buying your product and avoid wasting your budget.

Ad Schedule

Setting an Ad schedule is the best way of getting the most for your money, you don’t need your Ad running 24/7. Instead, take a look at your analytics and find the best days/ times to post when your target audience is most active.

Test your Campaign

You can optimise your results by trialling A/B testing. Otherwise, known as a split test by advertising the same product in two different ways to see what performs the best. Results from this will give you an insight into what your audience bests react to, whether that be images, text, videos etc.

Try implementing these changes into your next Facebook Ad and watch the potential of your reach increase. When done correctly, Facebook Ads can maximise your ROI and be significant for the growth of your business.

At Sood Marketing, we offer a range of different services from designing your campaign content but also managing your Facebook Ad, so you don’t have to. Contact us at [email protected] to find out what ways we can help you expand your business.

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