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The Importance of Social Media Management

Having an online presence for your business is powerful and can allow you to reach new audiences across the globe. Social Media is becoming one of the most vital aspects of marketing that you need to be using to avoid limiting the number of people exposed to your business.

Social Media can increase brand awareness with access to millions of people across the world at the click of a button. Firstly you need to analyse who your customers are and what platforms are best to reach them, we recommend publishing your content on up to 3 different social channels.

The best way to connect with your audiences is online, via social media. It allows you to have direct contact with users to answer any questions they might have about your business instantly. Having two-way communication helps you to build stronger customer relationships and build brand loyalty.

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One of the main benefits of Social Media is that it’s FREE! You can promote your business organically using things such as location tags and relevant hashtags to help reach your target audience. You can also make use of paid ads, setting a small budget each month to create an ad that will target your look-alike audience.

Creating posts online can increase traffic to your website in several different ways. Having links to your website on all Social Media platforms allows people to visit easier. You can use other useful elements for increasing website traffic, such as placing Call to Actions at the beginning or end of your Social Media posts which will send users to your site.

Creating a Social Media strategy allows you to plan out your content across different platforms. Doing this minimises mistakes made because you aren’t rushing to publish the content and you can spread out content to ensure you are posting a range of different things so that your followers don’t get bored.

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54% of Social Media users browse Social Media to research products before making a decision, this means that if people can not find your products, then they are less likely to buy from you. If you aren’t promoting your brand online, you are giving away business to your competitors who are doing so.

We understand Social Media can take up a lot of valuable time but can also be very valuable for your business when done right. At Sood Marketing, we offer a range of different Social Media Management services that will grow your online presence professionally.

We will work with you to create a package that suits your needs and is in line with your goals. Contact [email protected] today for more information.



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