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Tactics to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

The first step to driving more traffic to your website is understanding how to track where your visitors are actually coming from in order to learn how you can improve. Using tools like Google Analytics, you can discover if any paid ads you use are actually doing the trick and encouraging people to visit your website. Having a successful website inevitably leads to a more successful business, as those who are tempted to click on your web page may also indulge in your service, whether that be by simply reading a blog post or spending their money on what you have to offer.

Promote Your Website on Social Media

The power of social media can expand your website’s audience drastically by introducing it to those who would otherwise have never been tempted to visit. Your family and friends will always be your biggest supporters, so why not encourage them to help you out by sharing your site online? You never know, one of the people who encounter your business this way may just be your next client! As well as relying on shares from your Facebook friends, it’s also a good idea to post about any new updates your website has on LinkedIn. This can increase your profile within your specific industry if you have a following of like-minded individuals, as well as inciting them to share your post if this is a topic they have interest in.

Make Sure Your Site is Responsive

Did you know that approximately half of the website visits worldwide come from mobile devices? Optimising your website for mobile and tablet has never been more important, and your site should not be considered finished until this aspect has been reviewed and acted upon. A website may look exactly how you want it to on a computer screen during its development phase, however when this content is condensed onto a smaller screen, images and text often become overlapped and difficult to comprehend. A visitor who is unable to read the text properly on mobile or deems the website to look unprofessional is more than likely to simply click off the site as soon as the fault is noticed. On the contrary, a smooth-flowing, simple mobile experience is likely to drive traffic and encourage users to engage with your services.

Write Engaging Content

Engaging content can be the difference between someone staying on your website and exploring every page, or making the decision to exit as soon as they notice any grammar errors or long, unnecessary chunks of text. The content you decide to incorporate is going to be different depending on your business, however it goes without saying – constant spelling mistakes or irrelevant posts are most likely going to put people off engaging with your service. Taking this into account, entertaining and informative blog posts or articles that are uploaded frequently will encourage those who are interested to keep coming back for more.

Implement Good SEO

Either developing a good understanding of SEO, or working with someone who can help to implement this within your website, can increase your website traffic drastically. Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of obtaining a natural placement on search engine results pages. In simple terms, this means that your website is more likely to feature near the top of the page in relevant search results – who wouldn’t want that? A study by Backlinko found that the top 3 Google search results get 75.1% of all clicks, so every website should try to get as close to the top as they can!

Utilise Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to boost website traffic as you can frequently update your subscribers on any new content or features you release. The only potential downfall of this method is that you need an existing mail list to market to, but this can easily be built up through social media promotion or by gaining permission to store the email addresses of current customers. As long as you make sure not to spam your mailing list with too many promotions or irrelevant content, those with an existing interest in what you are doing are likely to check out your website updates once they receive the alert. It has also been proven beneficial to include offers and promotions in your emails, as these are likely to encourage even more users to visit your website and engage with your service.

Driving traffic to your website can be a difficult task, but by testing out each of these methods you are bound to expand your audience in some way. Even reaching one new person takes you a step closer towards reaching your goal, and if your website draws them in, those new visitors may spread the word to those around them. Ultimately, creating a sleek website that is easy to use and functions properly is by far one of the most effective ways of growing your business, or displaying whatever it is that you want online users to be able to discover.

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