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What is Ecommerce?

E-commerce is one of the most demanded services in marketing. It is the online activity of buying and selling products via websites, online services, and the internet in general. It involves the transfer of customers’ money and data to complete transactions.

Why You Should Choose Us:

As a company, we want to help other brands improve their sales and drive more traffic to their website. We want to fulfill the needs of our customers by helping them in any way we see possible. Our team will increase the engagement and attention of the audience you want to target.

We have worked with numerous companies to help them improve. Vapour Hub Limited is a prime example. For Vapourhub, we created custom designs and pop up for a plethora of pages to increase activity on the website. As well as recreating a brand new website, the Sood team had to preserve content from
their old website and revamp it to engage more customers.

Our work with RJ Woodworking Machinery resolved problems by creating goals and solutions. We redesigned the main pages to make them more appealing to the targeted audience by adding images and a clearer layout for the text. Our team set out to reimage this website to make it a more professional and busier website and we succeeded. Take a look at our page on RJ Woodworking Machinery to find out more about how we helped improve the website.

We pride ourselves on our SEO work on individual products to increase sales for the brands that we work with. Each page and product on websites that we work on will be exposed and will have well-optimized SEO results.

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