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Our In-house SEO team provides you with full SEO services, SEO consultations and expert advice. These are all focused on driving more traffic to your website and increasing sales. Contact us today for a consultation

What is SEO?

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SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is something that many of us do but few fully understand. SEO is a term given to the process of improving the online search engine ranking of a website or web page. Based on the user's search query, Search engines will provide a list of links they consider relevant and trustworthy to match the search intent. Putting your business at the top of these searches can bring much more traffic, impressions and, in the end, sales.

As a trusted North West and Liverpool SEO and Marketing agency, we will ensure that you and your business have a good understanding of Search Engine Optimisation and how it can improve your online presence and bring more traffic to your business. We will then perform an SEO Audit on your website and create a plan of action, keeping you in the know every step of the way.

Search Engine Optimisation can be broken down into 3 key components: On-Page SEO, Technical SEO and Link Building/Backlinking. While there are several more techniques that can be used to improve search rankings, these are the most important.

If you own a business and use a website, you may already be ranking for a hand full of keywords; but SEO is something that can always be improved upon.

Every small business can grow its business and attract new customers using a local SEO strategy. Local search is a great starting point for those looking to rank for less competitive keywords, allowing you to promote your products and services to those around you - an example of a keyword that relates to the local aspect of a business could be ‘[service name] near me’ or ‘[service name] [location]’.

Improving your website’s search engine ranking will improve your domain and individual page score, making your website more friendly to Google’s crawling bots, while giving you more options for taking on difficult keyword rankings.

SEO takes time to plan and execute, but the wait will be worth it.

At Sood Marketing, we understand that Search engine optimisation and keyword ranking takes time and effort. We will take you through the SEO process and break down our plans for possible keywords, website improvements and content updates to suit the needs of you and your site.

Our process starts with a site audit; we look into the keywords you are already ranking for and the major issues with your site. We then collect this information and plan a detailed list of possible short and longtail keywords with their synonyms, search volume per month and search difficulty (on a scale of 0 to 100).

We will then plan the basis for the changes needed to your website. This can include new and unique content, backend website updates and other tricks to get you ranking.

If you are looking to improve your SEO, or are in need of a new set of keywords to help get your website up and running - Sood Marketing has everything you need to get started.

We are able to offer each of our SEO clients with tangible results that will allow you to challenge your competitors and boost your website’s value - in both revenue and monthly website traffic.

Your website is the best way to attract new customers nationwide and beyond, if your website’s SEO isn’t fully exploited, you could be losing out to your competitors. Our SEO services encompass a wide range of features helping you to increase your revenue, develop new traffic opportunities and boost your website ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

We have helped all of our clients to achieve excellent results from their SEO and our team would like to offer the same service to you and your business. For more information, please get in contact with us today.

Our Liverpool SEO Services

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At Sood Marketing, we have our own team of SEO experts dedicated to producing and coordinating all aspects of SEO marketing campaigns. We will work closely with you to determine a cohesive plan of action tailored specifically for your business and plot out an effective strategy to increase traffic and sales to your website. SEO services are not a quick fix or an easy way to increase sales, instead, it is a long and ongoing process that requires patience and attention to detail.

Our team has expertise in both on page and technical SEO as well as localised and national SEO. So whether you need us to construct your web pages in an SEO effective manner or develop keyword-rich content, our team has you covered. We have worked with a range of SEO clients across a variety of sectors, including Healthcare, Travel, eCommerce and many more.

We can help you build a new SEO friendly site as well as providing quality and affordable hosting options with effective page speed management. Contact us for more information on this service.

The SEO services we provide include:

  • Blog Posts
  • On Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Social Media SEO
  • Competitor Analysis
Our team can provide you with a steady stream of high quality, SEO friendly blog posts, This flow of fresh and relevant content helps boost your search engine rankings and introduce potential new keywords to rank for.

Correctly optimising your on page content is essential in maximising your search engine rankings. We can ensure that your site is fully optimised for SEO, including keyword research and content production.

This includes 'below the hood' metrics such as page speed, mobile and tablet responsiveness, and SSL (Security protocol) each of which boosts your search engine rankings and improves the overall user experience.

We also have an in-house Social Media team capable of producing a range of content for your business, including video, image and audio. Whether it be Instagram, Twitter or Tik Tok, we have experience in creating quality content for all.

Our SEO team will perform detailed research and analysis on your competitors' websites and determine what exactly makes them rank well. We will then take some of these factors and apply them to your website to improve rankings.

Our Process

Why Choose us?

At Sood Marketing, we pride ourselves on building strong and positive relationships with every one of our clients. We want to work closely with you and develop our SEO strategy around you and your business’ needs and requirements. As an SEO agency operating in Liverpool, we should be as open and transparent with our clients as possible.

Some Liverpool based SEO agencies advertise as ‘quick fix’ SEO, this type of rushed and low quality work is not beneficial for your business long term and will usually cost more to fix. Sood Marketing, on the other hand, provides quality and, most importantly, long-lasting results that will gradually grow your business and drive traffic and leads to your website. Quality SEO can take a while, which is why we keep our clients constantly up to date with our progress.

Our specialist team can carry out all of the SEO for your website on your behalf, from the initial SEO audit and keyword research to content creation and link building. We create quality content optimised for SEO for your website, keeping the site running well, and providing a streamlined user experience. This gives you plenty of time to focus on the other aspects of your business while we offer SEO services.

Simple, flexible plans that grow with you…

Monthly and Annual plans at great prices tailored around you.

Liverpool SEO FAQS

  • Does my business need SEO?
  • Do I need to hire an SEO Agency?
  • How long does it take to increase traffic?
  • Why should I continue SEO once I have good rankings?
  • Is Local SEO important in Liverpool?

In short, Yes. Probably.

Search engine optimization offers an effective way to increase traffic to your website without paying for every unique click. Ranking for your business' keywords organically is a much more cost-effective way of driving traffic to your website as well as staying competitive with other companies in your industry. If you can rank at the top of search engines for your keywords, you will enjoy constant visibility to customers searching for the exact product or service you are offering.

Organic search is responsible for an average of 53% of total traffic (Google), which decreases the further away from the top you get. If you're ignoring SEO, your competitors will have a free run to all that possible traffic. Regardless of what type of company you are, local business, eCommerce store or global brand, you will need SEO.

You don't need to hire an SEO agency. You can do it yourself. However, when you are learning how to implement SEO and the many other branches within the SEO-sphere, our experts could have begun producing high-quality, SEO friendly content or building reliable and genuine backlinks for your business. Hiring an expert agency (like us) will provide you with an effective strategy and quicker results when compared to most 'DIY' SEO jobs.

We can provide reliable and long term SEO success while you can work on the other aspects of your business. SEO requires continuous maintenance and can quickly draw your attention away to other parts of your business. Hiring a trustworthy SEO agency can prevent that.
What sets us at Sood Marketing apart from other SEO agencies is that we strive to build a personal relationship with you and understand your business and industry. We want to connect with you, as the expert on your business, to truly understand how searchers may look for your products and services.

This depends on quite a few factors, including the type of business, the industry your business operates in and many more. The general consensus is that it takes around 6 months to see the main effects of SEO projects. You can of course, see some positive changes come into effect earlier, but 6 months is usually when you will start getting a large increase in traffic, and after 12 months, you will usually see even more significant improvements.

Many companies give up on SEO a few months in due to a lack of results, and many agencies lose their clients very early in the process as companies simply do not fully understand what SEO actually is. Search engine optimization is a long term marketing tactic, and shouldn't be seen as a quick way to make sales, if you make the proper investment and are willing to wait around 6 months for real growth then you will be repaid greatly.

Fortunately, We at Sood Marketing can discuss a long term plan for your business and lay out exactly what we can do for your specific business. Contact us today for a consultation.

There are many reasons why it is essential to maintain SEO once you have managed to reach the top rankings for your keywords. For a start, your competitions will not simply go away, and they will likely be working to knock you off of the top spot as your business once did when your SEO process began. Maintaining an effective SEO plan is crucial if you want to stay at the top spots.

Better content is constantly being created. While your blog posts and on-page content may be relevant right now, it may become outdated in just a few short weeks. While your competitors are working to create fresh, relevant content regularly, your website will begin to slip back down the rankings if you choose to ignore SEO.

If you need an agency to take care of SEO for you, give us a call or an email today to begin discussing a long term SEO plan tailored to your business.

Local SEO is a great way to bring in customers to a brick-and-mortar store and boost local traffic (searchers based in your business area). It is usually much easier to reach searchers within your local area, as around 46% of all searches have local intent, and 76% of users that search for something local, such as 'near me' searches, will visit a store that same day. Smaller businesses with one store or only operating within one regional area should focus most of their attention on Local SEO, as bringing customers into their store will be the main way to drive sales. However, larger businesses should not ignore Local SEO, especially if you have several different locations potential customers can visit. Implementing national SEO does not necessarily mean that you will improve rankings locally, which is a whole different set of potential traffic you are losing out on.

Hundreds or even thousands of businesses are opening in Liverpool alone every year, providing fierce competition for small businesses looking to increase their local sales. Local SEO offers a solid customer base to then eventually branch out your business to more significant regions, hopefully even nationwide.

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