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No matter what sector you’re in, generating new leads is crucial in maintaining the success of your business. The healthcare sector is no exception to this. Through one or more of our services, Sood Marketing can enhance your business’s ability to generate high intent leads that are more likely to convert into paying customers (or, in healthcare, patients).

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Leads with Intent – When targeting specific audiences and customer types, our aim is to appeal to audiences that have intent as they’re more likely to convert into paying customers. Appealing to high intent audiences is primarily part of SEO and the keywords that your website will rank for. Our SEO team will cherry-pick the keywords and phrases that will predominantly attract high intent audiences through thorough keyword research and market insights.

Increased Conversions – The traffic that lands on your website will typically mix high intent and low intent audiences. Since the high intent section is more likely to convert into paying customers, we’ll use a range of marketing techniques to increase the likelihood of low intent audiences converting into customers. This can be done with practical, user-friendly web design, persuasive writing and thorough SEO.

Generating Sales for the Healthcare Sector – With services such as Web Design, Social Media Management, and SEO, our ability to target and attract specific customers through a variety of channels is unmatched. Combining our services could be the key to propelling your business into far greater success.

Web Design – Few things can help to attract new customers, like a well-designed, user-friendly website. At Sood Marketing, we can tailor a design based on your sector and your branding. With a modern, streamlined website, you’ll have a solid foundation for creating trust in your new customers. Read More

Social Media Management – People of all ages need healthcare, and people of all ages use social media. By regularly updating your social media accounts with high-quality content, we can target a broad range of potential customers and engage with them on a personal level. Read More

SEO – Having a quality website is excellent for your business, but increasing the traffic to your website is even better. We can optimise your website and rank it higher in search results through our SEO services. Without SEO, you’re missing out on a massive sector of your market.

Steps to increasing lead generation

Through a range of white hat SEO techniques, we’ll increase the amount of organic traffic visiting your website. When we optimise your website, you’ll begin to rank higher within search consoles (i.e. if someone searches for a word or phrase that is related to your business, you’ll appear as the first or one of the first results). Since the first few websites that appear attract the largest shares of traffic, you’ll see an increase in the number of visits to your website.

Nobody likes a slow website. Similarly, nobody likes an ugly or confusing website. When users land on your website, we like to ensure that it looks modern and tidy, has fast as light loading speeds, has a clear means of navigation and meets all expectations of users that already have intent. Engagement and user retention are all dependent on the quality of your website. We can make small improvements to your website through SEO, but if your website is a mess, you might want to check out our Website Development Service and some of the websites we’ve designed so far.

Whether it’s through effective CTA’s, well-designed and informative product pages or inquiry forms, our ultimate goal is to narrow down your traffic into engaged users and then narrow them down even further into paying customers. When it comes to converting traffic, our approach is flexible. If it’s more inquiries you want, we’ll use inquiry forms. If it’s more orders you want, we’ll use e-commerce. Whatever your goals are, we’ll use the most effective methods of achieving them.

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