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At Sood Marketing, we have had the pleasure of working with clients across the pharmaceutical industry, helping them manage and build their presence online. Through this experience we know what our pharmacy clients are looking for. Through our years of experience, we have become skilled at helping our pharmacy clients with service promotion, excellent customer service, lead generation and developing a personal relationship with their patients.

At Sood Marketing, we have had the pleasure of working with clients across the pharmaceutical industry, helping them manage and build their presence online.

Why is Pharmacy Marketing important?

Building your pharmacy brand online provides a multitude of new channels and opportunities to generate new patients. This is done via the promotion of services via our marketing strategies detailed below. We primarily measure the success of our pharmacy marketing campaigns via service sign-ups. For example, we aim to regularly increase the number of EPS (Electronic Prescription Service) sign-ups for our pharmacies via a variety of digital marketing strategies.

What Pharmacy Marketing services do we provide?

In this modern age, businesses in every industry can benefit from digital technology to market their brand. Each client has different needs and this is expressed through the variety of services we offer that are individually tailored to them. Pharmacies can especially benefit from digital marketing as the number of people searching online for healthcare queries and services is growing all the time. We currently specialise in a variety of pharmacy marketing strategies to grow your brand and generate new customers for your services:

What Do We Offer?

Social media is a great way to modernise the way you build your pharmacy brand online. It enables you to promote your expertise, talk about your products and services and raise the profile of the profession to your local community.

Having a consistent social media presence ensures your pharmacy brand remains in the minds of your customers. It ensures your customers have accessible channels to stay updated with the goings-on of your business - e.g. promoting relevant services (e.g. flu jabs during winter), updated opening hours, ongoing promotions/discounts, etc.

The first thing people look for when searching for your business online, aside from social media, is a website. There is great value in having a central hub for your brand that contains useful information for your customers - e.g. services, location, contact details, etc. Maintaining effective communication with your customers is important to maintain a positive brand image, so the websites we maintain can provide trustworthy and accurate answers to their questions. Additionally, we can use the website to promote services via pop-ups and priority menu placements.


Some customers may need extra assistance that information on your website cannot help with. This is why all our pharmacy websites come equipped with JivoChat - an online chat client that puts customers in direct contact with our marketing team. Any queries or concerns a customer has can be addressed rapidly and compassionately. This instant communication adds a personal touch to your pharmacy brand and shows the customer they are valued and prioritised.

Blogs are valuable in promoting specific services, products, or ongoing events. Having long-form pieces to share on social media offers a more engaging insight into what you are promoting. For example, if one of our pharmacies begins operating a new vaccination centre, it is valuable to share a blog on why vaccinations are important and effective alongside this news. Blogs also provide extra SEO ranking opportunities that will organically grow your business’ online presence over time.

Healthcare is an industry that is relevant to everyone, as we all benefit from healthcare services throughout our lives. Therefore, we have the opportunity to promote our pharmacies when relevant and interesting stories occur. Especially as the pandemic has swept the globe, the services provided by our pharmacies and their vaccination centres are more important than ever. Our informative press releases are timely and engaging to ensure these valuable healthcare services are effectively promoted to reach all who require them.

Strong and consistent branding is an extremely important part of growing your business. We give each pharmacy in our chain the freedom to choose their branding (e.g. website colours) under our expert guidance. Additionally, we are able to design and provide appropriate leaflets and posters when required (e.g. to promote certain services or products). We are committed to providing these services in a timely manner with as much communication between the client as possible to ensure they are happy every step of the way.

The pharmaceutical market is changing all the time, but we can help you keep up with the latest developments and trends so you don’t fall behind. Regular reports can assist you with future business decisions by informing your current marketing priorities.

Do you need help with marketing your pharmacy online? Get in touch with us and make use of our expert pharmacy marketing services.

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