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Imaan Healthcare SEO

Two of our longest-running clients, GreenLife Pharma and Imaan Healthcare, have been with us for the entirety of 2020, through the global pandemic and the ups and downs that the event has caused. At the end of the year, we were asked by our clients to collect data from across the year for their team. We decided to take this opportunity to create a detailed presentation to provide our clients with all the information that they needed.

We worked as a team to analyse and collate all of the data related to the work we had completed over the course of 12 months, with close attention to social media, Search Engine Optimisation and Google My Business to provide a full picture of our work..

This process was lengthy but it allowed us to grasp how our work had affected the inner workings of the businesses and the impact we had had when it came to building an online presence and a social media presence.

GreenLife Pharma

GreenLife Pharma saw a massive increase in website growth over the year; with 74,000 impressions in just under 12 months, more than 8,000 repeat website sessions and 14,000 Google My Business page views also helped to boost the growth of GreenLife Pharma substantially. The same growth was also felt on all social media platforms. Across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter – we created unique, tailored content to share on all platforms with an emphasis on audience retention, growth, and communication. For instance, posting to groups helped us grow our audience massively, with big returns on Facebook and LinkedIn especially.

Imaan Healthcare

In January 2020, Imaan Healthcare tasked us with helping them update their existing website, as well as completing a full on-page SEO breakdown for all major pages, blogs and services. We are happy to report that things have been growing far better than was first expected. Imaan Healthcare saw yet another substantial boost in website growth over 2020 and beyond. The site saw 360,000 thousand impressions within 12 months, the website also saw more than 28,000 new website sessions and 58,000 website page views, By Dec 2020, Imaan Healthcare’s Google My Business profile had seen nearly 40,000 direct searches and 155,000 page views.

Every Imaan pharmacy has been the central part of our day-to-day work here at Sood Marketing, each pharmacy was also monitored and tracked through individual Facebook pages, Instagram accounts and websites. From Dec 1st 2019 to Nov 20th 2020, Imaan pharmacies across the UK had seen 1.49 million total searches across all Google My Business listings. Breaking this down further, 462,000 of these searches were from a direct search (searching directly for that business name or address) and 1.039 million were from a discovery search (customers who find the listing through a category, product or service).

On social media, Imaan pharmacies received 1,932,394 impressions and more than 80,000 clicks. Our team focused on increasing engagement with Imaan’s audience, now 10,000 posts across 70+ profiles later, our dedication to creating a brand image and consistent tone has allowed us to grow the engagement alongside the number of impressions and clicks.

The Imaan Healthcare team were beyond impressed with the results we had managed to achieve given the smaller scale of the Sood team, we were more than willing to rise to the occasion and provide the results that broke past the expectations of the assignment

We look forward to working with both GreenLife Pharma and Imaan Healthcare over the coming months to keep each business growing alongside us. With our Q1 review just in, we are seeing our efforts pay dividends.

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