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Machinery component supplied by RJ Woodworking Machinery

RJ Woodworking Machinery

RJ Woodworking Machinery is a St Helens-based company that specialises in the sale of new and used woodworking machinery. As one of the UK’s exclusive suppliers of big-name manufacturers SCM, Vertongen and Cehisa, RJ’s stock of machinery ranges from spare parts and attachments to £50,000+, heavy-duty tenoners.

Problems, Goals & Solutions

Despite having a website already live and performing well (traffic-wise), the original RJ Woodworking Machinery website had several issues that could have easily repelled potential customers. These issues included:

  • Poorly translated product descriptions that had been copied from manufacturer websites
  • Temperamental product galleries
  • Low-quality images
  • Product categories with no products showing
  • Large blocks of text with few images and poor spacing
  • No SEO measures in place

In response to the drawbacks and issues of the original RJ website, our solutions were:


  • Curating descriptions, specifications, images, product leaflets and videos for each product then reworking and revamping it all so that each product is marketable
  • Redesign the main pages to incorporate more images and neater blocks of text


  • Ensuring that each page and product is as well optimised for SEO as possible
  • Mitigating the damage to SEO caused by migration once the website was ready to go live


  • Re-organise the structure (of the product page and individual products) for improved UX
  • Create custom forms and features such as the finance calculator and quick quote section
  • Use a clear and consistent colour scheme throughout the whole site

Our end goal for this project was to create a professional, well-optimised website that could easily compete with RJ’s competitors. With a website already performing well, our responsibility was to take the content that was already there and rework it so that it was clear, accurate and most importantly, marketable.


Without swaying too far from the original website, the new site was designed using the same colour scheme but with a more organised, user-friendly design that showcased all the prominent brands that are supplied at RJ.

Unlike many of the other significant machinery websites, almost all feature images for the products now have a white background and are sized proportionately. The majority of RJ’s competitors use images that are taken in workshops, making product pages look inconsistent and jarring.

In making the site look streamlined and modern, we made sure that any blocks of text were broken up spaciously for easy reading. Images and icons were also used throughout the site for significantly improved spacing, readability and design.


One of the more time-consuming tasks with the website was in curating and reworking each of the 200 products. To improve upon the original website, we began by collecting the assets for each product (images, videos and leaflets). For any products that were lacking or had poor quality media, we replaced them with assets from the suppliers’ official website.

Since RJ’s main suppliers are based in Spain, Belgium and Italy, many product descriptions were translated poorly and the original RJ site had copied these descriptions. To make sure the descriptions were readable, marketable and accurate, each one was rewritten using information curated from the suppliers’ sites and other reputable woodworking machinery websites. The descriptions also had to be SEO-friendly so the product name was used consistently throughout each one.

Finance Calculator and Quick Quote

Making vast improvements to the functionality of RJ’s website, we created and designed two brand new features: the finance calculator and the quick quote tab.

Due to many products being priced at £20,000 – £100,000, the majority of buyers won’t be paying full price at once. The finance calculator helps to calculate monthly payments and in doing so, makes these expensive, heavy-duty machines more appealing and financially manageable to smaller workshops.

With many products listed as POA (price on application), the quick quote option allows a user to quickly apply for a quote. After filling in contact details, you’ll be emailed a quote.


Since the original website was doing moderately well in terms of traffic, backlinks and impressions, our priority was to mitigate the damages caused when migrating the site to a new domain. To prevent the site’s SEO from plummeting, we ensured that each URL (for the main pages, category pages and products) was an exact match to the one on the original site. After the migration, the rankings and traffic forecasts had inevitably dropped but had regained their positions after a day or two and are now consistently improving.

The bulk of SEO work for RJ was in the individual products:

  1. When reworking product descriptions, all content was written completely from scratch so that no plagiarism or duplicate content could lead to SEO penalties
  2. Product titles were used as the keyword and were incorporated sufficiently into the description and meta descriptions
  3. Links were added to each product for both the suppliers’ websites and the RJ brand pages – making sure that each product had an inbound and outbound link
  4. URLs went unedited to sustain the rankings from the original site
  5. Images were assigned titles and alt-tags

We also put great focus on making the product categories SEO-friendly as we deemed it more likely that a potential customer would search for a general category of machines rather than one individual product. Acting on this, we wrote a 300-500 word description of each category and included keywords. The descriptions include facts, functions, types of machines and RJ’s current stock.


“First class. Very friendly with lots of useful advice”

Our efforts in revamping the RJ website with far better UX, strong SEO and clear, accurate content should instil much greater trust in potential customers. Features like the finance calculator make it far more convenient for all types of customers and even hobbyist woodworkers to acquire high-end machines for more manageable prices – not only making RJ more convenient but more accessible to a wider audience.

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