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Terrazzo Worktop

A new client tasked us to create a fresh and contemporary website for Terrazzo Worktop, a company specialising in Terrazzo surfaces for interior and exterior design.

The Problem

Terrazzo Worktop needed a branded website creating to reach a massive audience in the online space. By not having this online presence, they missed out on important lead generation and sales from business and home customers alike.

The Solution

We got to work straight away mapping out the elements that would make up this large project; we discussed the client’s exact needs throughout the entire development and review process to ensure that we were on board with the ideas that both parties had developed.

We worked to establish the following:

• Branding
• Website Development

Various designs of the Terrazzo logo


The first challenge faced by our team was translating the vision of Terrazzo Worktop into a reality with a new facelift in the branding department. Our graphic design team liaised with the Terrazzo Worktop team and set about creating several logos and branding ideas to understand the client’s needs better. We focused on incorporating the letter ‘T’ as the distinctive branding image; this feature would appear on all of the business’ branding moving forward, so we wanted to create a recognisable image. The colouring was kept professional and relevant to the product, with white & grey variations being selected as the final logos.

Terrazzo is colourful and made up of assorted pieces. We wanted to detail this style into the logo and general branding. We created 5 different styles for the team to choose from; giving our client a large amount of choice makes the design process more manageable as we can focus our attention on the style that best suits the brand. The final design incorporates a terrazzo style design with an emphasis on vibrancy and detail.

Various designs of the Terrazzo logo and colour scheme

We completed work on the logos, and Terrazzo Worktop settled on the logo and branding style that they liked the most. We added further variations to the final design to give the team even more choice as website development began.

Website Development

Once the branding was complete, we turned our attention to finishing the website development, which was worked on concurrently by the SEO and website development teams.

For the website development side of the project, we worked as we would with any other client and set about drafting each page to cement the layout and content requirements. Our SEO team worked on all content written for the website to ensure that it reflected the goals of future SEO.

As the content was being written, a separate team started work on making the website a reality. We worked on providing a user-friendly website that focused on generating leads for the Terrazzo Worktop team with several UX (user experience) design options using our usual website development process.

Check out the finished website here:

iMac displaying the Terrazzo website


The SEO goals of the Terrazzo Worktop team were similar to those of many of our website clients – these included driving traffic and long-term page 1 ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

We created content for 4 main pages, including a home page, about us page, product page and a contact page. Additionally, two pages were designed to cover Terrazzo tiles and flooring, ensuring that we targeted every area that the client worked in. The SEO team created content for four SEO-focused pages made up of words worth of text on each page to be used on the site.

The SEO team also set up Google my business, Google Search Console and Google Analytics is a fast and effective way to allow the Granite House team to manage and monitor our SEO. Using tools and in-house work, we began work to optimise the site for both SEO and Speed fully.

As we develop our relationship with the client, we are beginning work on backlinking for the website to build an effective web of internal and external links.

With the project coming to an end, we more than managed to complete the work, emphasising detail and going beyond our brief, all within the allotted deadline. Our clients were impressed with our work and have now become a valued member of the Sood Marketing family.

To date, we have seen several reputable leads generated from the Terrazzo Worktop website. These leads will cover the project’s cost, so completing work already given the Terrazzo Worktop team a significant boost in their lead acquisition. If you would like to start your project with the Sood team, please contact us today, and we will be more than happy to make the most of your budget.

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