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Vapour Hub – Ecommerce

What initially appealed to you about developing Vapour Hub?

Vapour Hub is a leading brand for e-liquids and vapes in the UK, with six stores across the country.

How long have you been in contact with the Vapour Hub team?

We have been in contact with the Vapour Hub team for several years, providing free advice and support. Eventually, we were approached by the team to redevelop their website with the goal of generating more sales, improving search presence online and enhancing the user experience. With our past experience of developing successful websites, we were a natural choice to take on this task.

The original website was poorly constructed. It was not appealing to look at, difficult to navigate and had several flaws related to bulk ordering and automated discounting. For example, the customer would have to manually enter a discount code when a promotion was running (e.g. 4 for 1), but this is now applied automatically.

What work was completed?

We were tasked with…

  • creating a full custom website design, including 20-30 unique screens. It was designed in Adobe XD for desktop and responsive for other devices including mobile
    working on a number of features including bulk quantity discounting (4 for 1 offers), custom sales pop-ups and custom integration with the payment provider
  • The design philosophy was constantly based around user experience (UX) and converting customers and sales. All content – including every product page – was designed with an SEO focus to help the site rank.


Naturally, this ended up being a time-consuming process given the sheer number of pages that needed to be customised. Each page required unique meta titles, meta descriptions and keywords for category SEO and product SEO, as well as local SEO and alt tags throughout the site.

One of our greatest achievements with the site was page speed optimisation. Through Google’s PageSpeed Insights, Vapour Hub has reached a score of 100 on both desktop and mobile, which is almost unheard of for a site this intricate.

This has a knock on effect of improving SEO and enhancing user experience, which correlates to an increase in sales and search presence. These were our primary goals during development, and ensuring the website was vastly more accessible to all users, regardless of the device used to display the page, was a great way to achieve them.

How was developing Vapour Hub different/unique compared to other projects?

As a fully custom-designed e-commerce site with over 1,000 products, developing the Vapour Hub website is the biggest project we have taken on in a long time. This is primarily because we were tasked with transferring content from an existing website to the new one designed by us.

Alongside all the information on the original site – product pages, etc. – it was already integrated with a payment provider. Adapting all of this to the new site was a lot of work, but nothing we couldn’t handle.

Did the project run as smoothly as you and the client expected?

Yes – although the project was a significant undertaking, the end result was up to the expected standard. Any problems were addressed in the pre-production phase before development began.

What were the biggest challenges you had to overcome? How did you do this? 

Very complex with the sheer number of pages and products to integrate and optimise. They also had a live functioning website that was selling products, and this had to be transferred over to the new site to integrate it with their payment provider, Card Saver. 

What is the future of this project and the client?

We will continue working with Vapour Hub long-term on SEO, social media, and email marketing via Mailchimp. Building the website is the primary task, but maintaining it alongside the client’s online presence is equally important. We have given them instructions on managing the site themselves, too.

What new ideas and strategies will you be taking forward into other projects with other clients?

Primarily, this project has helped us to refine how we implement designs centred around user experience throughout the entire process. It was also a valuable experience in user design with e-commerce. Any hurdles we overcame during the experience will be safely avoided in future projects.

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