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Walk-in Clinic Near Me

Walk-in Clinic Near Me is a service created by our clients at GreenLife Pharma. GreenLife Pharma strives to add value to the health sector and highlighting the influence community pharmacy has in doing this. They have worked tirelessly with partner pharmacies to develop a new set of high quality and wide-ranging walk-in clinic services through their initiative ‘Walk-in Clinic Near Me.’

With Walk-in Clinic Near Me, they aim to improve patient access to several high-quality, private pharmacy walk-in services by training and to prepare community pharmacies and independent contractors to deliver a wide range of services.

Community pharmacies are at the heart of their local communities, hence the name, and are well-positioned to deliver these critical services. There are a whole host of benefits, too, mainly easing pressures on the wider NHS.

The Problem

The team at GreenLife Pharma needed a Marketing Partner that could understand the vision and help with all aspects of marketing and strategy to generate more customers and bookings for each clinic location.

The Solution

Understanding the brief, the team at Sood Marketing help with the following:

  • Branding
  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • Integrated Booking System
  • Launch Campaign Assets


The first challenge we faced was to translate GreenLife Pharma’s vision and concept into the Brand. We began by working alongside the team to select a name for the idea they came up with.

The sessions focused around the core aspects of the service and landed on a few variations around ‘Walk-in Clinic’ – we mutually decided on the near me add to the name for an emphasis on locality and the fact that the brand will be listing locations across the UK. This has several SEO benefits as a key search term with volume is a walk-in clinic near me, so this worked with our SEO team.

We then set about the logo and font. We wanted to illustrate health & pharmacy in one. We came across several other businesses, including GreenLife Pharma and Imaan Healthcare, which reference a pill and cross, respectively. This was key, and we played around with a few concepts and came up with our version of a cross we felt translated what Walk-in Clinic Near Me stands for.

The cross we developed encapsulates a heart and pills combining to make a unique yet very recognisable icon. One that we later have used throughout marketing material and assets. The colours we selected were Crimson & Dark Slate Grey, which complement each other and help form meaningful and robust branding.

The cross is a staple and is used in a versatile manner – Walk-in Clinic and then the near me text underneath can be replaced with specific location names such as Liverpool, Burnley, Wirral etc.

Laptop displaying the Walk-in Clinic Near Me website

Website Build

Branding was complete, and the team at GreenLife Pharma were over the moon with the result, as were we. Our focus then shifted to building the website and getting across what Walk-in Clinic Near Me was.

We started by choosing a suitable WordPress theme for the build and slowly began writing the content. As we have no official medical writers in-house, the team at GreenLife Pharma worked closely with us to ensure that what we were writing was accurate and portrayed the messages correctly.

All content for the website was written in-house with an SEO perspective to drive traffic to the site long-term.

Once we had the content, we worked on the build to ensure we had a strong call to actions, a user-friendly site and a slick design that reflected this modern approach to community pharmacy.

To further enhance the user experience, we came up with our custom location finder function where a prospective customer could quickly enter their postcode and easily find their nearest clinic. To improve conversions, we designed each aspect from scratch before implementing this onto the site, ensuring that there were strong CTAs and the booking system.

Check out the website here:


Once the website was complete, we moved on to the SEO. We highlighted with the team at GreenLife Pharma the primary keywords they wanted to focus on. After some research and planning, we accumulated several different words and then went to work on optimising the site. We completed our on-page SEO work across the entire area as well as speed optimisation where possible.

We are already on the first page for our priority keyword and climbing up the ranks for others. We are now planning and optimising more content and landing pages to help drive overall traffic to the site.


We were tasked with creating promotional videos to get across why a patient would use a walk-in clinic. Each video had to be made for a specific treatment such as Ear infection etc… These will be used on social media and given to clinics that signup for the service to promote their pharmacy.

We created each video in-house using stock videos and a voice actor to narrate each scene.

Social Media

We are set to launch on Social Media this year with Walk-In Clinic Near Me. We began the prep work and content development cycle to ensure that we have a steady stream of posts ready for launch day. We have created a unique social calendar and over 30 generated posts ready to go.

Campaign Launch

Walk-In Clinic Near Me is launching into eight stores across the UK, and to support this, we have created several different assets, including leaflets, signage and more. Each of these items is bespoke and ordered by our team to coincide with the launch date.

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