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BarbersNo1 Booking System

White Barbers No1 logo on a glass screen
White Barbers No1 logo on a glass screen

BarbersNo1 Booking System

BarbersNo1 is the fastest-growing independent barbers in the North West, if not the whole of the UK. With over 11 stores and plans for more, the team are Sood Marketing are privileged that we have been able to support them over the last 12 months.


The Problem

In July 2020, the UK government announced the easing of the first lockdown and what this meant for the general public and businesses. One of the key rules set out was to track and trace and making sure that details of those visiting venues were recorded. The announcement was sudden, and the team at Barbers No1 reached out to us to create a booking system that not only fit their business needs but would be able to cope with the demand of their loyal customers.

 BarbersNo1 - Sood Marketing

The Solution

The team at Sood worked closely with BarbersNo1 to ensure that any issues found were addressed straight away and there was 0 downtime during this. The overall system is simple, but with the volume of data coming through, it was perfect for the team at Barbers No1 and ticks all the boxes.

Feel free to check out our solution here:

Alongside the booking system, we moved the BarbersNo1 site to our dedicated hosting platform Barruko. Coupled with the high-speed hardware and connection, we have daily backups in place and a staging environment to ensure that changes could be tested without negatively impacting the live site.

In the first week of launching, the system handled over 10,000 bookings and continues to help the BarbersNo1 team break more significant milestones.

If your business requires a booking system, why not drop us a message to see how we can support you.

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