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Laros Greek

3 friends walking down a street in Liverpool
3 friends walking down a street in Liverpool

Laros Greek

Laros is a new Greek Restaurant in the heart of Liverpool City Centre on the infamous Bold Street. Being a new business and launching during a pandemic had its issues, in no uncertain terms, the biggest challenge facing the team was generating revenue.

Laros Greek - Sood Marketing

The Problem.

  • High commissions rates on other platforms
  • Cost & Quality
  • Reduction in overall fees and better control of their independent ordering platform
  • Finding a solution that would last

Did you know that most third-party services that offer online ordering either take a monthly fee or a high commission from each order? Even though some provide their customers with a streamlined platform, the bottom line is that they are eating into your overall profit margins.

Laros Greek - Sood Marketing

The Solution

  • Custom-designed Website
  • Online Ordering for delivery and collection
  • Multi-Site setup for quick expansion

The team here at Sood set about doing research and finding the best possible solution that solved all of the problems that the team at Laros were facing.

Once we had a rough idea of what we wanted to do, we went back to the team for approval to begin work. We started by working on the menu and ordering system to ensure that it was functioning as expected and did testing with several different plugins to ensure we could do the following:

  • Connect to a thermal printer in the restaurant
  • Quickly update prices and stock levels of different products
  • Get alerted every time there is an order by a sound being placed on local devices
Laros Website Mockup

Once that was completed, we worked closely with the team at Laros to develop a custom design for the site. We followed the styles they liked as well as the brand guidelines set out to us. Check out the result here:

We built the site on WordPress as a fully custom solution that would not have fit the budget. This also has a lot of benefits as it’s user-friendly, secure, scalable and much more. By setting up a multi-site environment, the team can quickly scale this system out to different locations without affecting their leading Bold Street site.

The website is hosted on our dedicated platform Barruko – and also comes with several Backup options, additional security and lightning-fast hardware.

Laros Mockup menu

To complement the website, we helped the team to design a printed flyer with a solid call to action for users to order via the new website. Alongside this, we created an outdoor menu.

If you are looking to open a restaurant business and require a custom ordering solution that you have complete control over, drop us a message today.

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