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Travel Clinic Near Me SEO

Smartphone with the 'Travel Clinic Near Me' website on screen
Smartphone with the 'Travel Clinic Near Me' website on screen

Travel Clinic Near Me SEO

After completion on the Travel Clinic Near Me website was finalised and approved by our client, we turned our sights to working on the lengthy and detailed task of full on-page SEO optimisation, content improvements and other SEO-related tasks to allow our client to slowly grow their reach through the tried and true method of organic SEO.

We sat with our client to provide a detailed breakdown of our upcoming work and the possibilities open to them before starting on the SEO process; we understand that the paid search method can be very important for new websites to quickly gain a foothold in the Search engine results page (commonly referred to as SERP), but to truly grow and retain a consistent level of impressions, clicks and repeat visitors – organic search was the obvious choice. We guided our client on the benefits and drawbacks of both options and detailed our plans to fully optimise their new site in order to get the results they need.


Our process

Before work could begin, we needed to know what our biggest fixes were and the best ways to go about solving them. This started with a full, in-depth site audit that broke down all aspects of the website and the work that would be required to improve them to a high standard. Our team then worked to drive valuable keyword selections for use on the website; this process required us to take the content on the website and find quality, searchable keywords that reflect the work we had completed during the website development.

We worked alongside our client throughout our SEO process and kept them up to date with any developments and changes required to gain organic traffic. We assisted in developing new content and reorganising website flow ready for search engine crawlers.

Even with our smaller team size, we took on the task and laid out our SEO optimisation plans on a day by day, week by week basis. It is important for us to follow best SEO practices including image optimisation, content updates, URL and meta description optimisation and internal/external linking.

The results

Driving SEO efforts over the past few months has been invaluable to the growth of Travel Clinic Near Me Since our SEO work started in (date)

In the last 3 months, Travel Clinic Near Me has seen 4x the number of impressions when compared to the previous 3 months

In the last 3 months, Travel Clinic Near Me has seen 5x the number of clicks when compared to the previous 3 months.

We achieved position number 1 for the priority keyword ‘Travel Clinic Near Me’, with all additional keywords slowly climbing into the top 10 positions.

Our traffic forecasts are very strong, and we are continuing to monitor and update Travel Clinic Near Me as part of our monthly work. While a lot was expected of us, we have more than managed to complete the work with an emphasis on providing quantifiable results. Our clients are more than happy with our continued work and our communication during the planning stages, with support and updates every step of the way.

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