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Standing out right from the start with graphic design is imperative. People make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of initially viewing it.

First impressions are 94% design-related. Great design gets people to trust you and to stick around. Poor design creates mistrust and makes people leave.

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During our initial meeting, we will start by discussing your ideas, target market, functionality and the purpose of your website. We will then "whiteboard" your website; this includes a sitemap of your website, samples of websites you like or dislike which gives us an idea of your taste, as well as any ideas and features you want including. We always make sure we collect enough information before we start work. From this point, communication is key, and you are always kept in the loop regarding the status and development of your website.

At Sood Marketing, we don't display set prices for graphic design services on our website as each package is tailored towards the clients needs.

Yes, we do! We need to understand your end objective and work out what was good and bad about your previous website. We work with you to come up with a plan, user flows and custom designs to help you achieve your objectives.

If you do not have any objectives, it's essential to understand why you are redesigning the website in the first place. We can help with this if needed.

Yes, we offer an EPS (vector) file at an additional charge. You always receive a HQ jpeg, SVG and png of your branding work. We also keep a copy of your project on file for future updates or should you lose your copy, subject to an admin fee.

We design several mockups and send them to you for approval. If you don’t like any of the mockups, we’ll create more - but if you do, we’ll use that one and take into account any suggestions or corrections you have. 

During our initial meeting, we will start by discussing the services you require: logo, print, social media etc. From there we discuss your ideas, target market and uses for the branding material. We ask for any samples of branding pieces you like or dislike to give us an idea of your taste. Sometimes the client has concept in mind, and other times no idea at all. We always make sure to collect enough information before we start work. Our branding service is straightforward and you are always kept in the loop regarding the status and development of your branding material.

At your request, we will send your files electronically via a number of different mediums depending on the service. We also keep a copy of your project on file for future updates or in case you lose your copy, subject to an admin fee.

Once we begin work on your project, turnaround varies depending on the service. For website design, you are constantly kept in the loop regarding the status of your project. As for branding material, our normal turnaround is 7-14 days depending on the material. If you need to check in on the status of any project, you can contact us at any time.

Naturally, when it comes to creating websites for our clients, we need an understanding of their business and the services they provide. This typically includes:

  • A brief overview of your business
  • Images of you, your staff and your workplace
  • Logos, branding, slogans and taglines 
  • Your company values
  • Services you offer
  • Any accolades, USPs or notable achievements

Websites should always be designed with the user in mind. 

Ensuring that the user has an easy time navigating the site should be a top priority for any who works in web design. Keeping the design relatively minimal and sleek works perfectly hand-in-hand with a traditional layout to provide users with a familiar experience and pleasing design. 

Other crucial factors of good web design include:

Colour - all colours used should contrast well with each other and should hit a perfect balance between being too soft and too harsh. If designing a website for a company, the colour scheme should always reflect the branding.

Type - the font size should differ based on the importance of the text (e.g. H1 titles should be large whilst H2’s and paragraphs should be smaller). Whatever size the text is, it should always be easy to read. The font used should be clear, easy to read and should reflect the branding if practical. 

Images - it’s important to include clear, well-embedded images that relate to the subject of the website. Images are the first things a user picks upon when landing on a website, so the better your images, the better your first impressions.

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